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Minecraft 1.5 Update Released

The Minecraft 1.5 update is now officially released. To update to the latest version simply open the Minecraft launcher and accept the update.

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Minecraft Minecraft 1.5 Minecraft Update

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang Film


A new documentary following the ever so successful story of Minecraft is now available for purchasing and viewing. Minecraft: The Story of Mojang is a film about Notch’s big success story.

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minecraft mojang film documentary dvd

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Today’s world is one in which we are constantly connected. Photographs would once sit in a dusty old album to be gazed upon every so often. Although, social media sites and the internet have changed that drastically.

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Minecraft 1.3 Released

Minecraft 1.3.1 is now live. The update should be deployed to your client next time you login, meaning that you will have access to all of the new features that we described in our previous post about the 1.3 release.

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2 notes minecraft Minecraft 1.3 minecraft update

First Commit Made on the ‘Workbench’ API

The first commit to official Minecraft API (named ‘Workbench’) has been made to the official github repository which will house the code. Whilst there isn’t much there at the minute, this is the first milestone of hopefully many in the development of the API.

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minecraft minecraft api minecraft workbench

Release Date for Minecraft 1.3 Announced

Mojang posted to their blog that Minecraft 1.3 would be released on August 1, 2012.

A week before the official release, a release candidate should be shared which will be a very similar version to what you will be able to see in the next version.

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2 notes minecraft minecraft 1.3

Updates to the Upcoming World Sharing Features

Last week we wrote about the new features to share your single player world with friends over LAN. In the latest snapshot (12w25a) there has been an addition of a GUI with some more configuration options.

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2 notes minecraft minecraft snapshot minecraft publish world sharing

Share Your Single Player Minecraft World with Friends

A new feature in the latest snapshot allows you to share your single player world with other players over LAN. There is no knowledge on how to configure a server required - just the ability to run “/publish”.

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minecraft minecraft snapshot minecraft publish world sharing

What is Cheat Mode?

In the last few snapshots of Minecraft there has been a feature included called ‘Cheat Mode’. This mode allows you to access the chat console that you would normally have access to on an online server and use commands that you can normally use as a server op.

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minecraft single player cheat mode minecraft cheats adventure mode

Ability to Pause in Single Player is Added

Previously, the only way to pause the state of your Minecraft world on single player would be to save and exit your game but a feature introduced in the Week 22 Snapshot may become the solution to this.

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