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A Wedding Fit For a Creeper

Image Source: TheGoodness.com

It was back at Minecon last year, when big Minecraft fan Matt proposed to his partner Asia up on stage. After the proposal, the couple recently tied the knot and it was for sure, a Minecraft filled event.

The whole location was decorated with Minecraft models of mobs, trees and other landscape features. Guests enjoyed beautiful canvas images of Minecraft scenes among various other Minecraft touches.

Matt himself, didn’t come dressed as a Creeper, we don’t think Asia would have been too impressed! But anyway, the team here at Minecraft Today wish Matt and Asia the best of look in the future.

You can see Matt’s Proposal here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u72orXZa5Xc

You can see more of the Wedding here: http://www.thegoodness.com/matt-and-asias-minecraft-wedding/

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