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Release Date for Minecraft 1.3 Announced

Mojang posted to their blog that Minecraft 1.3 would be released on August 1, 2012.

A week before the official release, a release candidate should be shared which will be a very similar version to what you will be able to see in the next version.

The update contains a lot of features that we have seen added to the snapshot release of the game. A few of the things that Mojang mentioned are:

  • Cheat Mode - The ability to run commands such as /gamemode in single player.
  • World Sharing - The ability to share your single player world easily over LAN.
  • Bonus Chests - Chests with various items in found near the spawn to help you start off on single player.
  • Tripwire - A new redstone activator.

Something that you may notice is that the game runs a little slower on single player. The reason behind this is that it now runs a multiplayer server in the background, which is a change for making the gap between single player and multiplayer even closer ready for the modding API which we hopefully see in 1.4.

On Mojang’s blog post, there was nothing mentioned about the new inventory layout that we saw introduced in snapshots a while ago but we would expect that it should appear in 1.3 as it is included in the latest snapshot (at the time of writing, 12w27a).

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