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Sponsored Video: Samsung Galaxy Camera

Today’s world is one in which we are constantly connected. Photographs would once sit in a dusty old album to be gazed upon every so often. Although, social media sites and the internet have changed that drastically.

The world we live in is one in which our photographs can be viewed and shared with friends and family through the magic of the internet. Samsung’s new Galaxy Camera runs on Android technology and connects to the internet, to allow instant sharing of those precious memories.

James Franco is an acclaimed photographer, in this trailer, Franco shows how he has used the camera to aid his art, he also shows his hate for the ‘photo bomber’. This the being your average Joe, who manages to find themself into every picture. Luckily, the Galaxy camera allows you to completely remove any evidence of them.

Because the camera is powered by Android technology, it features a whole load of other neat features. Instant sharing with 3G being our favourite. The power to share to social networks and by e-mail is an awesome demonstration of 21st century technology.

Whilst the Galaxy camera is packed with brand new innovative features, it also has all the high specs and quality that we would expect from Samsung.

This article is sponsored by Samsung, but all thoughts expressed here are of our own…

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