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Minecraft is the ultimate Sandbox game where you are free to do anything you want.

Minecraft Today is a website set up to help you keep up to date with the ever changing game.


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A Wedding Fit For a Creeper

Image Source: TheGoodness.com

It was back at Minecon last year, when big Minecraft fan Matt proposed to his partner Asia up on stage. After the proposal, the couple recently tied the knot and it was for sure, a Minecraft filled event.

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Happy Birthday Notch!

On this day (1st June) in 1979, Marcus (Notch) Persson was born. Today Notch celebrates his 33rd Birthday. Notch is the gaming legend behind Minecraft and other titles.

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A New Minecraft Blog Arises

Welcome to Minecraft Today. Minecraft Today is an exciting new Minecraft blog from NFO UK Group.

Minecraft Today focuses on Minecraft News - including updates and new features, along with opinions from Minecraft Today’s staff.

Minecraft Today is piloted by Josh Moorcroft-Jones, Josh has over 5 years in the Video Games Journalism Industry and is the Editor is one of the biggest Nintendo Fan Sites on the internet!

Joining Josh on the Minecraft Today team is Jamie Edge, Jamie has worked on many internet projects and has supported NFO UK Group in the past as a team member.

Niall Kirkham is also joining the Minecraft Today team, Niall has a serious passion for Minecraft and is a well experienced web content writer.

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